News and Sports Links – December 28, 2010

create Wow! marketing, the braintrust of Doug Mitchell and Andrew Clark.

Last week, I waxed poetically about Steely DanAndrew Clark, the music connoisseur that he is, posed a trivia question.  I would answer it, but can you solve it?  Here’s the question:  who was Steely Dan’s drummer before he chose to “Chase” a new career?

If you think you know the answer, please post it in the comment section.

Here are some news and sports links to get you through this final Wednesday of 2010 (cliched, I know).

Krissah Thompson, Washington Post:  A few months ago I wrote a post about Malcolm Gladwell panning the notion that social media is fueling a new wave and avenue for activism.  Gladwell gets to eat more crow as Thompson writes about how the NAACP and other activist groups has moved into the social media era to get their message out in the public.

The Bylaw Blog:  I wrote about this great blog a while back as well, as the writer was outed by another blogger.  I’m happy to say that John Infante has returned and pens six new rules that the NCAA should consider fixing, in order to make regulations be consistent and concise. Also, check out his thoughts on the dwindling number of compliance officers and how the Cam Newton situation puts the spotlight on the problems of the process of meting out the penalty, and not the penalty itself.

Julian Assange may want to read up on the Espionage Act of 1917. I'm sure there's a loophole for him to make public.

David Greenberg, Slate:  Wikileaks founder and operator Julian Assange may have a little problem beyond being arranged for sexual assault and leaking classified information (cables).  The 1917 Espionage Act could be the wild card for international authorities to nail Assange, but Greenberg points out that applying the Act, not the purpose of the law itself, is not without it’s issues.

Haven’t figured out the trivia question yet?  Here’s another hint:  “a late former president couldn’t stop tripping over himself watching this former drummer.”

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