The “whitewashing” of Dr. King’s pursuit for black empowerment and Inauguration day thoughts.

Murder Never Takes A Day Off

Murder never takes a day off. This time, young Black Americans will finish what what left undone: full punishment.

Seeking Attention…For All of the Wrong Reasons

Alex Rodriguez is a piece of work. Or he is just as confusing to understand, because no one knows what’s he thinking of, doing next, or why he’s doing what he does. I think I have the appropriate song for him. The Beatles summed A-Rod up with this one. I think it’s perfect. Listen to…

Do not pass go, do not collect unemployment extension

Late last night, the U.S. Senate “failed” to pass a bill extending unemployment benefits to people who are out-of-work.  They approved it 57-41, but as the Iowa Independent put it, “in the strange logic of Congress, that is enough to prevent the motion from moving forward for now.  The cloture vote has failed, likely meaning…

Going Overboard for Attention

From time to time, you’re going to come across someone that is so far off the deep end, rather than talk about that person all of the time, it’s better for you to ignore that person…for your own sanity and common sense. Since being elected to Congress in 2002, Steve King has created quite a…