Fan(atical) Behavior

Dear Fans: stop being jerks and clowns at games. You’re embarrassing everyone.

No Hall Passes for “Hot Teacher”

ESPN’s Dan Le Batard posed a question on his radio show Wednesday: why are women who are sex offenders receive lighter sentences and less disdain than if a man committed a similar act? Should women be treated in the same manner that men do with respects to sexual assault?

Domestic Violence Affects Everyone…Including You

I detest domestic violence against women, children, defenseless people, and yes, men. This also includes same-sex domestic violence (I bet you didn’t think of that). The “outrage” and reaction over the NFL suspending Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has┬áprovided me a few observations that got ignored. Caught on tape: the main reason for the…

March Madness: Survive and Advance

The brackets are out, the teams are paired up, and the debate over who “deserved” to get in or not is now underway on ESPN with Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas. We can analyze and over-analyze this until we run out of rationale and hypothesis for every team. Here’s the one advice I have for…

You Can’t Stop Them, You Can Only Hope to Contain Them: Zach McCabe Fiasco

Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg didn’t hold back his displeasure towards social media during his press conference on Monday. After Iowa’s loss to Wisconsin, several Iowa fans typed out their frustrations at Hawkeye senior Zach McCabe. McCabe was called for a blocking foul (that could have gone the other way), and he air-balled a…