I believe in having perspective when dealing with things in life.  Take off the blinders, put emotions on the shelf, and be open-minded.

People who say they are open-minded are usually the ones who refuses to listen to opposing views.  To be truly open-minded, you have to read, watch, and listen to things you really hate to hear and are uncomfortable.   Sometimes, you might end up agreeing with something from the other side that you didn’t think you would.  If you disagree with everything that is said, you are not open-minded.

It’s alright to have emotions, but it can make you irrational.  Look at sports fans for example.  If they watch a game on Sunday, on Monday they complain about how the referee cost them the game, or how the coach or player need to get canned.  The further away and less emotional you are later in the week, the better your rationale is when viewing the game.  That is what life is.  You can’t be rational while being so emotionally attached to an issue.

I believe in giving praise and taking to task both sides of the issues, groups, and people.  Regardless of politics, color, whatever. That is not “fair and balanced”.  It’s called common sense.

I don’t care much for political parties, because of the idiots who run them.  If they say that they are for the best interest of people, they are not.  When their agendas is more important than yours, you need to rethink your loyalty to them.  This is coming from someone with a B.A. in political science.

I believe in civility and chivalry.  Open doors for women, treat people with respect (even those you hate), and partake in civil conversations.  Don’t act like Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly.  They are the garbage that has ruined the basic things about dialogue and conversation:  censoring different views, attacking those who do not think like you.  You want respect, lower your voice, have a good argument, and debate like a human being.  Not like a unhinged shrieking dolt.

If it’s that hard for you to do that, then it’s a “you” problem.  Being unable to do that means that no one will do the same for you.

Love your family, love your significant other, love your dog, love your friends, and love your parents.  Like everything else.  Money, materialistic things, food, cars, and politics, to name a few, you can like.  They don’t love you back.