A Year in Review

Blow out your candle, you little blog!!

As December has arrived, I’ve forgot to mark the 1st blog-(ann)-iversary of this site. I try not to wax poetic on it, but when I decided to “go all in” on writing this full time, I was unsure if I could do this on a consistent basis.

Coming up with topics, managing the site, using tags to bump my site up the search engine food chain, and to establish a consistent readership (though I would like to have a larger participation in comment-ship, but that’s me) is no small feat or easy.

It’s like working another part-time or full-time job, depending how much you invest into making your blog successful and give your loyal readers.

"We meet again. Remember me? British TV fans still talk about how my show ended."

I signed up for a WordPress blog in September of 2009.  My intent was to understand how to use it, how it would be beneficial for me and to build it in the way that was fit my personality and style.  The real purpose was to step out of the comforts of blogging for Juice.  I love that I still blog for Juice as a community blogger, but I noticed that there is a community of readers who don’t normally read Juice or the Register that I wanted to reach out to.  Why not start another one?

I wrote one blog when I started it, and then two more in November, before finally getting my feet wet.  So, in actual time, November 26th I began writing this.  For those who start blogging, there are some advice and rules that you need to apply once you join this world of blogs, social media, and the internet.

"They Call Me Mr. Tony! Mr. Tibbs have nothin' on me!"

Goal in mind: have a goal in mind on what you what to write about it or what your blog will be about.  It doesn’t have to be centered on one topic, but have a mini “mission statement” on your purpose.

Patience: unlike certain sports fans, lower your expectations on how many hits and readers you get starting out.  It takes awhile before people find your blog and start to read it.  Hint:  if you want to build a following, ask a friend to read your blog, critique it, and if said friend thinks it’s worth others to read it, they’ll start telling everyone else.  Consider that free publicity for you.

"I can't believe I lost to a guy who was modeling underwear in the 80's. Click my picture to read more about me."

Tag it: how do you get people to read?  Throw them a carrot.  I’m kidding.  Use tags, or keywords, to help you out.  If someone is Googling “SEO” or “LeBron James“, they will find websites or blogs that will have SEO or LeBron’s name in it.

Just write baby: Easiest advice to give.  Start writing.  Don’t worry, no one will see what you write, until you hit the “enter” or “publish” key.  Type it up and edit.  Shape your words in the way you want to convey them.  If something looks out of place or could be misinterpreted by someone, re-read it, edit, and then send it.

You are your own writer, reporter, editor, and publisher.  Without running a newspaper and hitting deadlines.

I have been blogging for nearly 5 years and this past year has been, in my opinion, my best blog year.  It forced me to dig deep and use that cranium of mine to write the way I have always wanted to write.

Not too bad for a late bloomer.

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