On Friday, one of the groups I’m associated with will be holding our monthly gathering at a different location.  When the announcement was made that our group was invited to hold our meet-up down there, there were some who assumed that our gathering was moving to the new place for good.  It isn’t.  After trying to explain the matter and clearing it up, I decided that I need to repost the clarification I wrote on our group’s website.

By doing this, I hope that put my fellow members at ease and not freak out.

I think it’s appropriate and fair to clear the air of any misconceptions about this month’s #CIB at the new downtown Panera.

1. #CIB is not moving to the downtown Panera permanently. #CIB’s home base will remain at Panera U in Clive.

2. The Downtown Panera invited us to hold our December #CIB at their site as an open gesture. They have been impressed on how successful Panera U has been by being our homebase.

3. Where will this lead to? We don’t know and there is no formal answer whatsoever at this time. In other words, folks, stop over-reacting.

On that note, there are some questions about whether #CIB should stay put or start exploring rotating as a way to throw a little variety once in a while. Secondly, some have expressed about having #CIB at a non-chain locale (ex. Mars Cafe, etc.), to support the locally-owned. And there are those who prefer to stay put at Panera U. These comments and suggestions are understandable and those opinions are respected.

No matter what, we, as citizens of Des Moines will continue supporting local establishments, entrepreneurs, and companies.

With that in mind, please keep in mind that if you stay in one spot or do one job over and over for a long period of time, it starts to get stale and you need to “change your game up.” The “…because we’ve done it for so long,” status quo mentality can do more harm than good.

So, to wrap this up, #CIB was invited to hold their December meet-up at their downtown locale. They did not ask us to move it, give preference to them, or anything of that kind. They simply invited us to hold one #CIB there, nothing more, nothing less.

Down the road, they would like for us to consider them to host another #CIB in the future or a different function of some sort. Along those same lines, there are other places (non-chain and chain) that would like for us to consider them as well.

Every place would like to host us, at least once, because of the reputation we have, the growing community we foster, and we can attract new people who want to learn more about social media and how it can give them the power to make a difference in their lives and others.

In layman terms, we are in high demand, whether we realize that or not.

Travel is not of a concern for me. I travel 20 minutes to Panera U and I will be driving 20 minutes to the east to downtown on Friday. Either way, I’m going because I’m not to miss my lessons in social media with the people I learn from every day.

For the past year, I have learned an enormous amount of information from the veterans and from the newbies, and yet I feel like the new kid on the block every time I come to #CIB. As someone who has been unemployed for one year now, the monthly meetings is what drives me to be a better blogger, a better student of social media, and support fellow locals who are making a significant impact and difference in this city.

“Dead Moines”?

I don’t think so.

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