“Head east, Big Red”

Load up the wagon, Ma, we're heading east....to the Big 10!

Sean Callahan from Husker Illustrated has reported the inevitable, and I say this with caution, that the Board of Regents at the University of Nebraska will meet on Friday morning and is likely to vote in favor of leaving the Big 12.

Later on that day, the Big 10 is expected to extend the invite for Tom Osborne and the Big Red Nation to join their league.

As Horace Greeley would say today:  “Go east, young man.”

The Huskers have called Missouri and Colorado’s bluff, and the covered wagon wheels are now moving…to send the Big 12 off the cliff.

It’s on like Donkey Kong now, kiddies.

Today’s ever-changing conference comings-and-goings:

Big 10: Nebraska

Pac 10: Colorado and all of the Texas schools, sans Baylor

Screwed: Missouri and Baylor (welcome to the club fellas), the Kansas schools, and ISU

Who should start a new conference?: the teams in the screwed category plus Utah, Colorado State, and Tulsa.  It’s the “new” Big 8!


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