Breaking News from Kansas and USC gets their lunch handed to them (literally)

After 4 years and extensive investigations, USC gets nailed by the NCAA.

Today, the NCAA lowered the boom, finally, on USC after completing their investigations over improper benefits being given to former USC football standout Reggie Bush and former USC basketball player O.J. Mayo.

Trojan football got the worst of it.  They will lose 30 scholarships over the next three years, possibly lose their 2004 National Championship, some of the victories from the 2004 season and all of the wins from the 2005 season.  Bush could possibly lose his Heisman Trophy.

For the sycophants who ripped Tim Floyd over how O.J. Mayo “found” his way to USC, and Pete Carroll could do no wrong, maybe it’s time to dump out the Trojan kool-aid.  Carroll left USC high and dry, being aware that USC was going to get whacked.   The NCAA all but slapped the death penalty on USC and A.D. Mike Garrett for a lack of institutional control (ironically is what the NCAA is guilty of themselves).

Football coach Lane Kiffin and basketball coach Kevin O’Neill are going to have some lean years ahead of them and the kids who are there now.  That’s too bad, but the school had it coming to them.  As far as Garrett is concerned, how he continues as an athletic director is beyond me.  He ran Floyd out and Carroll had enough sense to get out.

Texas is going to love joining the Pac-10 at the right time, as USC will be down.

Abe Vigoda is still alive, but he's not the Kansas A.D.

BREAKING:   Kansas athletics director Lew Perkins has announced that he’s resigining, effective September 2011.  Perkins has been embroiled in a ticket scandal, which includes the father of current KU hoops player Brady Morningstar.  Perkins was exonerated by a grand jury earlier this week.  (Story provided courtesy of DSM Register’s Sean Keeler and KU Sports).

And now, your updated Big 12 breakup list!

Big 10: Nebraska, Syracuse(?) (hey, anything but to add ND)

Pac-10:  Colorado, Texas, Texas Tech

Mtn. West: Kansas State, Iowa State

Independent: Kansas Basketball, Notre Dame Football, Baylor

SEC: Texas A&M (traveling to Oxford, Mississippi isn’t like going to Austin, Texas)


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