The (Job Hunt) Rules Have Changed

Don't expect this guy to be the hiring manager anymore. The next person you'll see is a bright-eyed 25-year old who will hold your future in his or her hand.

Today I step in again for Suzanne Hull and “Unemployed in Des Moines” to give career and job seekers new information and tactics on how to get back in the workplace.  If you have a question to ask, ideas, or need help in landing that interview, Suzanne will be holding “office hours” at Smokey Row Coffeehouse on the corner of MLK and Cottage Grove this morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m..

Karen Burns of U.S. News and World Report filed a story on how the rules have started to change when it comes to job hunting.  It’s safe to say that everything we thought that we had to do to find a job has been flipped on it’s head by what Burns has written.

“10 New Rules for Today’s Job Hunt” is quite a shock to read.  Resumes are considered to be useless when it comes to landing an interview, employers will Google you, and get used to meeting hiring managers that are younger than you (and you have to treat them with respect).

This isn’t the job hunt that I used to know back in 2006!


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