Just like in business, voters need to deliver the goods

‘Tis the season for tea parties, anti-incumbent fever, and getting rid of politics as usual.  Where I have heard this before?  Ah yes, I remember now.  It was the voters who complain every 2 years or every 4 years about how they’re tired of the “same old thing” and “career” politicians.

Such hypocrites we are when it comes to doing something about it.  Many feel that term limits should do the trick.  Many also feel that they should be voted out.

The problem is that when the opportunity arises to vote, everyone doesn’t do what they say.

Drew McLellan, local marketing guru and Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group of Des Moines is never coy when reminds businesses and entrepreneurs that you have to deliver to your clients, whether it’s customer service or products.

Translation to voters:  do as you say, and make good on it.

It’s funny that all of these angry voters, from both sides of the aisle, tend to forget that these things run in cycles.  All of the “let’s vote them out” talk is hollow at best.  But why are they hollow?  Is it because we have become so comfortable in voting for who we know and not for the unknown?  I’m no psychologist, but there is truth to the mindset that we either vote for our pocketbooks or for what we know so well because we are unsure of what the new person will do.

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