Friday Night is Date Night…For Football



Date Night this fall begins here...Drake Stadium.


August 19, 2011. 

I can’t wrap my arms around this day.  It’s a Friday.  Check that, it’s a day away. 

For the next 10 weeks, plus three extra for the playoffs, I block off my Friday nights for something I love to do:  watch (and cover) prep football. 

Consider this my “date” night. 

For the second consecutive year, I’ll be behind the laptop, handling the Twitter feed for KWKY-AM radio in Des Moines, as the battle of West Des Moines, Valley vs. Dowling Catholic, will open the season at Drake Stadium/Johnny Bright Field.  KWKY is the broadcast home of Dowling Catholic athletics. 


Dowling Catholic and Valley will renew their rivalry in the season opener Friday night.


Back to the subject at hand.  Everyone’s friend Paul Yeager has more details on what we’re doing on the broadcast via radio and online streaming, including webcast. 

Yep, you read that right.  Webcasting.  I don’t know anything about producing a television show, or a webcast.  What I do know is that all of you will see my pretty face mugging the cameras at the start of the pre-game show, and then I head up to the pressbox to work the Twitter feed. 

What will I do on Twitter?  Scour the tweets for updates from other games, post updates from the games we’re doing, including scoring drives, who scored a touchdown, field goals, among other stuff. 

Twitter has become a huge tool for media and fans here in Iowa when it comes to Friday nights in the fall.  It’s also a much needed resource for those who live out of state, or across the world, that want to know what there hometown teams are doing. 

It is our hope that by webcasting the DCHS home games, for free, it will provide another valuable tool for fans to stay connected on the wide world we call the internet.   

We’re glad you’re ready for football.  We’re excited to be back in the pressbox. 

Who:  WDM Valley vs. WDM Dowling Catholic

Where:  Drake Stadium (DCHS is home team)

When:   7:30pm kickoff, or 30 minutes after end of sophomore game

Radio:  KWKY-AM 1150 (radio streaming on or download the TuneIn Radio app on your cell phone)

Twitter hashtag:  #iahsfb (Iowa high school football) to post and track scores across the state.



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