Mel (and the Hair) Is Back

Mel Kiper and his hair will be on prime time tonight as the 2011 NFL Draft beings in New York City.

Tonight, the 2011 NFL Draft begins in New York City.  For non-sports fans, this is equivalent to a Royal Wedding, but this happens every April.  It’s a sight unlike no other, but the hoopla will be tempered, as the continuous Collective Bargaining Agreement has yet to be hashed out and legal wrangling with the owners locking out the players (the lockout has since been ordered lifted). 

The usual suspects will be there:  Chris Berman and the NFL Gameday Crew from ESPN; the one and the only Mel Kiper Jr., the preeminment draft-nik, his younger competitor Todd McShay, and the two most insufferable fan bases known to sports fans all over:  (Philadelphia) Eagles fans and (New York) Jets fans. 

DJ Steve Porter, who has gain a large audience of fans for his sports visual/audio remixes, has put together a sweet remix of the NFL Draft.  Have a look at it, and then after that, some memorable visual moments of the draft down through the years. 

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