Missing: Civility (2/26/10)

Forgive me if I’m become a bit irrational, but there are too many damn people today who are irrational.  Today, the President and members of Congress sat down and asked questions about the pending health care legislation.  They may not agree on all of the particulars, but outside of a few dolts, everyone was on their best behavior.

Except for the overly-sensitive on Twitter.  Obama good, GOP bad.  I don’t care what your affiliation or who you side with, but this health care reform debate has become volatile.

Not because of the lawmakers.

It’s us, the people.  Not one single time today did I see a positive #hcr tweet from anyone.  From one Tweeter slamming one GOP senator, because his father was a former Iowa Congressman, to calling all GOP racist.

I got a question for float to her or him:  is all Republicans racist?  Or were you raised on the fact that they are?  Here’s a history lesson for you:  Southern Democrats from the Jim Crow days to the end of the Civil Rights era dominated the statehouses and Congressional districts back then.  They were very racist. Today’s Republicans are not even close to what Orval Fabus and George Wallace back in the 50’s and 60’s.

So, to answer, not all Republicans are racist.  On the flipside, not all Democrats are good and moral. Let’s stop using these scare tactics among ourselves.  To me, the Republican and Democratic parties are the same:  they’re rich, mostly Caucasian, intelligent, and pompous.  The only difference is their philosophies, and not for what they should stand for.

Several months ago, I couldn’t hold off my anger with I saw as stupidity, laziness, and hypocrisy with our society.  What irks me more than anything is the lack of civility.

The following is an email I sent to a few friends (of course, they were not going to respond to it.  They don’t like reading long stuff anyway).  But, if you want to know where I stand (or what I will not stand for), I hope this will help understand why this blog has the word convoluted in it.

Let me cut this (bleep) off at the pass right…the…(bleep)…now.  With respects to Team Elephant and Team Donkey, it goes both ways.  We have a habit of forgetting that aspect because we tend to lean one way or another in terms of political philosophy and playing the “gotcha” game that made Mike Wallace famous for (the “gotcha” interview on 60 Minutes.  God bless you Don Hewitt).

With that being said, I didn’t always agree with Teddy (Kennedy), but I respect the hell out of him because he understood how the Senate worked, Congress worked, and every President from his brother Jack to Obama listened to him and asked for his take.  Yes, that includes those in the GOP from Olympia Snowe and to our boys Chuck (Grassley) and Tom (Harkin).

People and voters who expect their elected officials to be perfect are the most delusional individuals on the face of the earth.  No human is perfect, and yet here we are screaming and bitching about Kerry Burt, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig, and William Jefferson.  Not because they let us down with their decisions, but angry because of how they got into trouble, wasting taxpayers’ money (which is the most overused bull—- excuse ever conceived), etc.

Holy (bleep), people, get a (bleep)ing life!!!!!!!!  You are not going to live your life through these people to make you forget about your own failings.  I learn more about myself and my failings than any I would an entertainer, athlete, or any of Rick Pitino’s leadership books.  At least I’m not nailing some chick on a restaurant floor after hours like he did.  🙂

Now, let me vent and be maudlin here.  I think this merits a thought.  Take the politics, religion, and all other bullcrap out of this as I lead off with this…

Our generation has no damn clue what civility, chivalry, and class means.  None at all.  For the ones, such as ourselves, we’re in the minority.

The more I see of this junk, the more embarrassed I am as a member of my generation.  Frankly, I feel strongly that our parents’ generation and our generation have as much to blame for not keeping ourselves in check.  Which makes me question myself on why I spend more time watching ESPN or being involved in activities than watching the utter dog(bleep) that’s on television and the boorish behavior we see out and about in town.

This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats (I’m a moderate, and not afraid to vote for the person, not the damn party.  The parties didn’t give me job, pay my tuition,  or cared about my welfare when I was unemployed for 9 months in 2006 and right now.  I had to take care of myself and rely on friends and family.  Friends and family are the most important “party” for you to throw your support to.)

I’m an old school guy when it comes to people.  I open doors for women, I believe in a hearty handshake with men, I crave intelligent conversations, and fun discussions.  If we agree to disagree, I can live with that, as long as we make peace, crack open a six-pack of beer and talk about life.

That is what life should be about, right?  Sadly, it isn’t.  If I disagree with something, I keep my mouth shut and listen to the dissenting opinion.  Who knows, I might learn something from it.  But I will not, even from my friends, tolerate getting shouted down if I don’t believe in their world view of “All Things Considered.”  I’m not right and I’m not wrong.  Neither are you.  It’s an opinion, not the law.

We live in the age of humans behaving badly without class.  This era began with Crossfire and McLaughlin, and now has deteriorated into “special commentary” from Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart targeting someone to be the “pinata” of the week, and Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace thinking people are dumb.

Several months ago, I opened a door for three women, about our age.  I didn’t get a thank you.  I got a cackle of laughter because they didn’t know why I would open the door for them.  My interpretation from that incident was “you’re a p—y.  Why would you open the door for us”

I’ve had it.  I’ve truly have had it.  I’ve had it with people who don’t want to read thoughtful, open-minded blogs I write for Juice (if you asked me, no one I know wants to read Juice themselves, which means I get no readership), I’ve had it voters who expect everything to be handed to them, and in turn expect perfection when they can’t do it themselves.  I’ve had it with bad television.  TV sucks.  If I see one more reality show get put on-air, because it’s cheap and bring trainwreck stories, I’ll go bat(bleep).

I want to climb up a mountain and scream “civility” until my voice shatters.  I’m tired.  I’m hurt, I’m sad, I got nothing left.

As Marvin Gaye, the misogynist he was, sang “Makes Me Wanna Holler”.  I want to holler, to defend and carry on the long lost art of “Civility, Chivalry, and Class.”

*Hallejuah, holy s—t, where’s the Tyenol?”

*-apologies to Clark W. Griswold, Marvin Gaye, and everyone who had to read this rant, including ripping off Dennis Miller.  Of course, that’s just my opinion.  I could be wrong.