It’s all about the Benjamins

Will this one big happy family breakup?

Will Colorado cut everyone at the pass and leave the Big 12?  Will Nebraska or Missouri go the Big 10?  Will the Texas schools cede from the nation and form their own conference (again), or will they become USC’s new conference rival? Should the Big 10 tell Notre Dame to either say yes or no?

Is Iowa State screwed?

Or, is it all about the “Benjamins”, egos,  and further locking out the non-BCS conferences??

The anticipated, rumored, and the speculations that are the possible conference realignments has, for the most part, become the biggest sports story of the year.Or the biggest tease since Paris Hilton because Hollywood paparazzi material.

Jim Delany, Big 10 Commish. The Darth Vader of college athletics.

The Big 10, of course, became the lightening rod when they announced plans of probably adding a 12th team to their league.  By doing that, it would finally solve a few things for Commissioner Jim Delany and his member schools:  a conference championship game, a balanced schedule, and to shut up a good number of critics who have panned the Big 10 for years, by flexing its television network and financial muscles.

What happened next is nothing short of epic soap opera proportions.  Notre Dame, who spurned the Big 10 before, continues to be the girl who wants to get married, but will never commit because she’s likes being unattached.  Missouri’s a tease, Nebraska hates Texas for basically running the Big 12, and the Pac-10 is looking to make a few moves.

What does all of this mean or how will this shake out?

Dan Wetzel of CBS Sportsline made it clear to me:  Jim Delaney “played” Dan Beebe and the Big 12.  “Played” in street terms mean someone got conned into doing something that they wouldn’t have done in the first place.  Rather than the Big 10 getting all of the attention and criticism, it’s the Big 12 who’s on the verge of disintegration.  It also shows the deep-seated animosity that some of the member schools have towards Texas and the Texas schools.

When the Southwest Conference broke up, Texas insisted that Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor be part of the newly formed Big 12 in 1996, as a package deal.  As a result of that, the conference offices moved to Dallas, the football and men’s basketball tournaments were moved to Dallas, with an occasional trip to Kansas City every three(?) years, and all decisions had to go through Texas.

No wonder why Nebraska showed their cards this week and hinted their reasons for entertaining a move to the Big 10.  They’re no longer the bosses in the Big 12.

There’s plenty more to talk about, but let’s make this a series of posts as we continue to follow and read the latest rumors and speculations of what could happen.

As of today, Wednesday, June 9th, here is my hack predictions on what could happen.  This will change daily, so don’t hold me to it!

Big 10 addition: Nebraska

Pac 10 addiction: Colorado, Texas, A&M, Tech

Big 12 leftovers: ISU, KU, Kansas State, Missouri, Baylor

Don’t bother: Notre Dame

Who should create a new conference: the Big 12 leftovers and the Mountain West.  Baylor and BYU are made for each other, religiously.

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