The “whitewashing” of Dr. King’s pursuit for black empowerment and Inauguration day thoughts.

Murder Never Takes A Day Off

Murder never takes a day off. This time, young Black Americans will finish what what left undone: full punishment.

Hold Your Applause

On Wednesday, President Obama publicly came out and announced his stance on same-sex marriages.  This is a few days after Vice President Biden announced his position on it as well, but with less fanfare.  To no surprise to me, both have said that they are in support of same-sex marriages, which was something that the…

Foaming at the Mouth

When did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid began channeling Joe Biden, Trent Lott, and  Rod Blagojevich? Over the weekend, excerpts of a new book called “Game Change”:  Obama and the Clintons, McCain, and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime by John Helieman and Mark Halperin were released.  This morning, Reid is making the rounds…