Thoughts on Campaign Junk Mail and the 2nd Iowa Congressional District Race


October has arrived. Breast Cancer month, Halloween, pumpkin and apple orchards rides…

..and the rancor of political campaigns and races ratcheting up to where you can’t turn your channel without juvenile campaign attack ads from one side or another.

I am in the camp that when I get campaign literature in the mail, I toss them out. It doesn’t move the needle for me. All of these ads filled with lies and trying to convince you that they’re telling the truth.

I could have written a long detailed piece about election junk mail, but I noticed something on these mail ads…or I should say what I didn’t see. I did some research on their websites and reviewed their campaign platforms. Now, I had something to seriously write about.

But as I was brainstorming and coming up with an outline, I took a detour that I didn’t expect to go down. Tinkering around on my laptop late one night, I noticed that there is a video/camera app on the laptop. The longer I goofed around through the app, an idea popped in that scattered and cluttered brain of mine.

“What if I can make a videotape and visually show what I’m thinking of, without saying a word (I’m a person who stutters. I hate hearing my voice, as well as seeing myself)?

After some a few test runs, a couple of campaign ads, a self-made video, and a blog, let me tell you about how I view the Iowa 2nd District Congressional race between Rita Hart and Marianne Miller-Meeks…from a lens of a Black Iowan via video.

Oh, I know there will be a good number of triggered people on both sides of the political aisle. Personally, I’m at the age where I don’t need permission or beg to voice my thoughts, be it paper, online, video, or social media.

I’ll leave this subtle reminder to those who think on their own, and have views that do not fit into the boxes many want to put you in: “don’t follow the sheep”, in which everyone else is doing when it comes to Democrats and Republicans.