Don’t Follow The Sheep

You have your own thoughts and opinions that doesn’t always coincide with the group or part of society you belong to. Don’t let anyone bully you into suppressing your own ideas and follow the sheep.


They stick together, graze together, and if one goes, then all of them go the same way.

It’s the human version of silo thinking.  When you think a certain way, then it’s hard to open your mind to listen, read, or see different ideas or viewpoints.

But in life, you don’t have to follow the sheep, because it’s the right thing to do, or because everyone else is doing it.

Be a black sheep.

I’m always interested in listening to different viewpoints on both sides of the political aisle.  I don’t tell people how, why, or who to vote for.  I don’t roll like that.  That’s your decision.

As long as you don’t guilt me, push me, or tell me who to vote for, then we’re cool.  I won’t hold a grudge, demonize you, or whatever candidates and voters are doing to each other these days.  I expect the same out of you.

At least I know where you stand on certain topics.

Voters are sheep.  Democrats and Republicans are leading the herd. People are forced to choose one or the other.  If they choose one, they are either crazy (Dems) or evil (GOP).  You’re not really allowed to question some issues or topics that merit discussion, for fear of ticking the party bases off.

I’m the black sheep.  An independent. I’m your party’s worst nightmare.

In other words, I’m the guy most of you Dems and GOP hate more than anyone, because I’m not following the sheep.

My views are derived from both parties.  There are some I’m favor of, there are some I’m against.  There are candidates and officials I respect, there are those I’m not crazy about.  Don’t expect me to vote a straight ticket.  I have never voted a straight ticket since I was eligible to vote in 1994.


As I wrote two years ago, the Democratic and Republican parties are a mirror image of themselves in almost everything, only that their view of the world is different.  Campaign tactics, organization, structure, spinning messages to the public, etc., are the same on both sides.

I knew early on, as a young kid, that my view of politics was different from everyone else’s.  The only problem is that if I was to say what was on my mind, people would shoot it down, scream at me for not having the same beliefs as they do.

Or maybe because I’m not a flaming liberal or a fire-breathing conservative.

I may not agree with everything Ed Fallon does, but he exemplifies being a “black sheep” by questioning fellow Democrats and their issue positions. He’s not afraid to stand out alone.

Trying to be civil in an increasingly uncivil society when it comes to expressing views in a civil format has become extinct.

Which is why I have become comfortable writing what I think on a blog.  I can put it down in writing without being interrupted.  Since I’m a stutter, it’s hard to get a word in during a conversation, even with someone who loves to hear themselves all of the time.

The point here is that it’s alright, no, it’s perfectly normal, to have views that are from both sides.  If Democrats and Republicans don’t like that, screw them.  It’s your own opinion and beliefs that should trumpet over the sheep mentality of blindly agreeing with everything a party stands for or what they believe in.

Black sheep may not fit the prototype, but they are comfortable in their own skin.

Which is what I intend on doing from now on.

Baa, baa, baa.