One Year, 717 Tips, No Answer

Seven hundred and seventeen tips. 

Zero results to a credible lead. 

Those two sentences infuriates me because there is still no resolution.  

One year ago on Sunday, April 8, 2011, Iowa Realty realtor Ashley Okland was shot in a model home she was showing for an open house.  She died several hours later.  

Three hundred sixty-seven days…and no one knows why a cold-calculated coward would walk into an open house and commit such a heinous act.  

I said it.  A cold-calculated coward.  What was the reason?  No one knows.  The coward is still walking.  Or hiding. 

And there is still no answer to the “why”.  

It blows me away that 717 tips has led to nothing to find this coward.    

That’s just how I see it from my own eyes. 

It is my hope that all of us who knew Ashley will not just relive the memories and the good moments, but also to take one thing that she said or did that stood out to you, and apply it to your lives.

That should be the best and most lasting way to honor Ashley Okland.

-“Life Disrupted”, April 9, 2011

That statement remains the best way possible to honor anyone who is no longer here that has made an impact on people

Seven hundred seventeen tips. 

There has to be an answer. 

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