The Caddy Speaks

Caddy Steve Williams (left) is the latest to get clipped by Tiger Woods and his cabal.

After 12 years of caddying for one Tiger Woods, Steve Williams finally speaks. 

And everyone has a problem about it. 

Not me.  In fact, anyone who feels Williams should keep quiet and do his job is denying something that they have longed for:  to hear what’s it like to caddy for Tiger and how Tiger operates.  Who in the right mind don’t want to hear what Tiger’s self-appointed gallery goon have to say about his tenure with Woods, how he got clipped (fired), and is now picking up the bag for Adam Scott

Was it in poor taste to gloat after Scott’s win at Firestone on Sunday?  Yes and no.  Yes, because it took some attention away from Scott.  But let’s stop lying to ourselves.  You know you wanted to hear from Williams.  If no one wanted to hear from Williams, then why did CBS stick a microphone in his face?  That’s not his fault that he was asked for his comments.  CBS was giving you what you wanted. 

Plus, all we cared about as sports fans is Tiger vs. Stevie.  Yeah, Adam Scott won.  Charl Schwartzel and Rory McIlroy won The Masters and the U.S. Open respectively.  They’re not Tiger Woods, and he’s all that matters to most sports fans. 

Sorry, Adam, you’re not the big story in the golf world.  Sorry, sports fans, you know Adam should be the story, but you know better, against your own better judgment. 

I have to disagree with one of my favorite guys, Fox Sports writer (and former Des Moines Register reporter) Bill Reiter.  Williams is no idiot.  If he was an idiot, then how did he have a major part in Tiger winning 13 majors (yes, he did have a hand in those.  Without Williams, how many would Tiger win on his own?)  At this rate, Tiger has divorced (or fired) everyone who had a major part in his success

And mind you, Williams is highly regarded on the tour as one of the best caddies in the game, with and without Tiger.

He knows his stuff. 

Caddies are not idiots.  They have to be the smartest guys on the course.  They are the ones who walk the course, take notes, and get a feel of the course days, and even hours, before the golfers arrive to practice.  Caddies don’t just carry a golf bag.  Ask Bones McKay how many times he’s tried to tell Phil Mickelson how to play a hole and Phil does stuff like this…

and this…

Honestly, I like the fact that Williams is talking.  Spending 12 years being a caddy for someone like Tiger had to be an experience…with a gag order.  No wonder why Fluff Cowan didn’t last long carrying Woods’ bag.  He was a popular caddy and loved to talk.  Tiger doesn’t like to talk.  Nor does he like it when cameras go off during his backswing. 

Now that he’s freed from Team Tiger, he has a lot to get off his chest.  At least he’s talking.  He could have been pummeling a camera guy on the 16th hole and throw his camera into the pond. 

Admit it folks, you do want to hear the what a former member of Team Tiger have to say about Tiger, how he thinks, how he practices, and how he operates.  

That includes a caddy that you would prefer to keep quiet.  

Good luck with that.   


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