Searching for a Direction

Dallas J. Moore is one of the most thoughtful and wisest individuals you will meet.  As CCO and CEO of Social Republik, Dallas has a strong and deep interest in helping his clients be successful when they convey their message through marketing.

Today, he posted a tweet recommending anyone who is on the unemployment sidelines to watch a movie called “The Company Men.”  I did not know about this movie until today and after seeing the trailer on You Tube, it didn’t take too long for the trailer to hit a nerve for me…in a sobering way.  I’m looking at myself in the mirror, wondering what direction I should go.

There is no compass to follow.

We, as humans, have defined ourselves by our work, job title, and accomplishments.  When all of that disappears, you are left to ask where is your place in this world.  In the case of Ben Affleck‘s character (Bobby Walker), he questions his self-worth and whether he will ever return to the world he knew.  In Bobby’s case, he is reminded of what he has at that moment:  wife, family, and a will to get back on his feet.

Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) searches for directions, when his compass is shattered.

I don’t have a wife or a family of my own.  It feels like a lonely trek.  You don’t have that buffer or the person at home to talk to and get support from.  You wander around on the internet and networking, asking and begging not just for a job, but for someone to give you a chance to tell your story.  A story of what you are good at and the value you give to a potential employer.

It’s a difficult and frightening position to be in.  Even now.  Most of us who are out there, searching for anything to maintain a sense of normalcy (which we know that there is no such thing as “returning to normal”) and a measure of self-confidence and self-worth that we lost. 

A job, any job, will do.  Bobby makes the decision to work with his carpenter brother-in-law (Kevin Costner) as the only way to provide for his family.  For him, he hopes for someone or something to throw him a life-preserver to keep him afloat.

I hope that there are enough life-preservers out there for those who are hanging by a thread and losing hope.  I want them to get it before I do, even if I need it the most now.

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