“A Team Effort”

Minutes after posting tonight’s entry, news spread, on Twitter no doubt, that the Prez was going to have a major presser around 9:30pm CDT.  This sounded big, and according to all of the news sources, it’s a biggie.  The President is about to announce that Osama Bin Laden, one of the main terrorists behind the September 11, 2001 domestic attack, was confronted, shot and was killed.

Here we go. the Prez now speaks.


Edit:  Okay, the presser’s over and the Prez made the official announcement, confirming the death of Osama Bin Laden.  It’s a bit too early to dissect this, but this news is encouraging and a step towards painstakingly tearing apart insurgent groups that attack innocent citizens, regardless of nationality, race, religion, sex, and et cetera.  Groups such as Al-Qaeda have the mindset of harming people as a means to achieve their goals, which is to cause chaos and eliminate those who do not agree with their logic. 

Pretty simple explanation. 

The early inclinations, which is sure to come, is will the U.S. pull up stakes and get out of the Middle East.  The early answer to that is “probably not” and there are reasons (too many to list, I’ll let you Google it for yourself).  Just because Bin Laden has been cut down and this is a potential emotional blow to Al-Qaeda, there will be continued threats and possible retaliation.  That means we (and I mean everyone in the world) have to keep our heads on a swivel.  There are also other groups, not associated with Bin Laden and his brood, hanging around Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other nooks and crannies on this planet. 

What I got out of the speech, which was to the point, detailed, and brilliantly done, is that this is a “team effort.”  Regardless of your opinions of the individuals that has been involved in this saga since September 2001, a lot of work went into improving intelligence reports, working with other nations despite not seeing eye-to-eye most of the time, and forging alliances, everyone had to work as a team to achieve the goal of capturing an international goon, dead or alive.  Let’s be honest, Bin Laden was a goon, and a very dangerous cat. 

Ten years is a long time, yes, but if the counter-terrorist unit that was assigned to take Osama out didn’t have the support of their superiors, networks, and their comrades, and the citizens (in spirit), what they did on Sunday would have not materialized. 

Tonight is a good night, but remember that anything crazy and sinister can happen anywhere, any day, be it on a large scale like Osama Bin Laden, or small in our backyards. 

Enjoy this evening of historical context, folks.  Patience is a virtue and a bitch to deal with, but it paid off today. 

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