“Winning” is No Longer Funny


Charlie Sheen thinks he's "Winning". He's losing much more than a show.


For the past two weeks, we have been subjected to the foilables and rancor from actor Charlie Sheen.  From his public criticism of producer Chuck Lorre (from Two and Half Men) to spitting out amusing lines like “Adonis DNA” and the rage of the Twitter hash tags “#Winning”

This morning, Joe Winn from Lessing-Flynn tweeted this: 

If you have to tell people you are winning, you are already losing – both people’s respect and attention. Don’t perpetuate dumb cliches.

Earlier this evening, CBS decided to fire Sheen, likely ending his show “Two and a Half Men” completely.  They originally suspended productions as Charlie was put on suspension (or something to that effect). 

The #Winning tag has been used in jokes and have been bantered by everyone across the world.  But, when you strip everything down, for Charlie Sheen, it’s no longer funny to be “Winning”. 

It’s downright sad. 


Colin Cowherd didn't mince words on his Monday show about Sheen. It's a dumpster fire right now.


Colin Cowherd from ESPN’s “The Herd” pointed out something on his show this morning that was lost in all of the Sheen hubris:  his personal life.  Not just his personal life, but the people around him are in disarray, much like him. 

Did you know he has five children (one with a former girlfriend, two with actress Denise Richards, and two with actress Brooke Mueller)?  Mueller was reportedly in rehab last year for substance abuse.  His penchant for porn stars isn’t new news.  He’s been around them since the 1990’s.  He shot ex-fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm, was arrested for domestic battery against Mueller, and Richards divorced him on grounds of violent behavior and substance abuse. 

Don’t take my word for it.  Wikipedia has a list. 

And in the age of “news A.D.D.”, last I checked, nobody cares about the ongoing Wisconsin collective bargaining saga.  Everyone’s enjoying the train wreck that is Charlie. 

Charlie is out of control.  Drug and alcohol abuse, penchant for violence against women, his interest in adult film actresses, et cetera, has created a perfect storm…in the worst way possible.  All of us think it’s funny and wild, but go ask his kids about watching “daddy” behave like this.  You don’t think they’re embarrassed, confused, and scared about what their dad will do next?  Why is he acting like this?  Is he running from his “shadow”?   

Charlie Sheen is not hurting himself, but everyone around him.  His kids are going to suffer, directly and indirectly, from his actions and behavior.  And we continue to endorse this by giving him what he wants…attention.  It’s pathetic that no one has offered to pull him by the collar and get him “real” treatment, and not the half-assed “celebrity” rehab Hollywood prefers. 

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  1. Joe Winn says:

    Just saw this great post, Romelle, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. Generally I’m all for supporting the latest inside jokes and the memes and what have you, but when it all stems from an unfortunate train wreck, like that of Charlie Sheen, I find no humor in it. America’s recent obsession with Sheen’s downward spiral seems only to facilitate his further plunge. And that, I’m afraid, is no laughing matter.

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