Body Language

Just because Jay Cutler looks like this everyday doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't care about anything.

Body language can say a lot of about someone.  Shoulders slumped and head hanging low is someone who is sad and depressed; standing alone by a wall at a dance, may indicate shyness…or wanting to be left alone. 

What if our inclination of a person’s behavior, attitude, or feelings based on their body language is wrong?   

Jay Cutler may not have helped himself  with his body language during the Chicago Bears’ 24-17 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship game.  Cutler did not return to the game after halftime, after what was described as a possible knee injury.  NFL players, analysts, and fans came to the conclusion that Cutler “quit” after not returning…

by reading his body language

His teammates came out and passionately defended him after the game, when critics started asking questions about Cutler’s effort.  If there was any questions about his effort, some of his teammates would have leaked it out by now.  Solid Chicago reporters such as David Kaplan and Zach Zaidman have said that despite being, or looking like a dour individual, Cutler has a strong work ethic. 

Jay Cutler is known to have a prickly personality in public.  But what if he isn’t always like that away from the field? 

His body language needs work, not his effort or his heart.  His heart for the game is already there.  He doesn’t know to express that physically. 

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