News and Sports Links – January 17, 2010

Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association
Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association

Today, we have some linkage for your reading pleasure.  We have more about the state of mental illness, a court case that could dramatically affect how high school sports are being streamed online, and a pro sports owner who is using “new media” to get his team’s message across.

In this Sunday’s Des Moines Register, stellar writer Tony Leys chronicled the struggle of the public to accept group homes for the mentally ill in Iowa.

CBS“60 Minutes” took an inside look, with the help of friends of shooter Jared Loughner and former Secret Service agents, deconstructed the path that took Loughner from being expelled from Pima Community College to walking into the Safeway store on January 8th.

Since 1968, a television tradition like no other.

Ben Jones, Wisconsin Rapids Tribune:  a federal appeals court is hearing oral arguments on whether or not the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association can sign exclusive contracts for Internet streaming of high school sports.  This was propelled by a suit filed by the WIAA in 2008 against the LaCrosse Post-Crescent for streaming the tournament games online without the WIAA’s permission.

Will the Iowa media and the IAHSAA and IAGHSAU be affected by the WIAA ruling? (Lee Navin/Des Moines Register)

On the flipside, the Michigan High School Athletic Association took a different approach to online streaming, as Michael Zuidema of the Grand Rapids Press, via, reports.  The MHSAA is giving the schools and the students the opportunity to expand and cover their teams.

Finally, Bruce Dowbiggin from the Toronto Globe and Mail writes that Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis feels that the new media, social media in particular, is the direction that sports and pro teams need to focus their attention to.

That is it for now.  Enjoy your holiday off today.


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