Earn a Place at the Table

A few years ago, I overheard a statement someone said.  The person said that young professionals “want” a place at “the table.”  “The table” was probably referring to sitting next to very important/high level individuals like CEOs, business leaders, and elected leaders on boards and commissions.

If I win a major award, I want to win this! (“A Christmas Story” website)

I was struck by that statement.  I am from the old school philosophy that you have work and earn respect from leaders if you want to be considered as one.

ESPN’s Colin Cowherd echoed a similar opinion this morning on his show.  Some young professionals are under the impression that if they do or accomplish one big thing, they feel they deserve an award or to “have a seat at the table”.

It takes more than volunteering at a booth for two hours and not do anything else all year.  If young professionals, such as myself, want to be taken seriously and sit at “the table”, we have to earn it.

By working or contributing every day.

I haven’t received a “40 Under 40” Award, named Juice YP of the Year, or received a “major award.”  And yet, I volunteer to several organizations for a little over 5 years now. I know that I may never be nominated or acknowledged by the heavy hitters in this town.

And it’s okay.

I have to work hard to earn it.

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