“The Breaks”

Sometimes, in sports or life, you get the breaks that help you succeed.  In contrast, a couple of bad breaks can be dispiriting.

Many of you knew that Iowa’s schedule looked favorable, if a few things went their way.  That is not the case this season.  Right now, many of you are still in denial over what has transpired.  Injuries, lack of depth, and wear and tear of the Big 10 season has made this a tough stretch for the Black and Gold.

Today, you are calling them a “disappointment”.  They are not in the business of making you or I happy.  Their jobs is to play to the best of their abilities and play as hard as they can.

The only individuals who should be disappointed is the team themselves.  They felt short of their goal(s), not yours.

If they win, that’s sweet.  If they lose, it hurts, but you move on.

It’s too bad that a small faction of Iowa fans, are starting to act like the apocalypse has arrived because their “expectations” did not come to fruition.

You have to be lucky and good. Just being good may not help you succeed.

Sometimes you get the lucky breaks, like last year, and sometimes it doesn’t go your way, like this season.  Fans over-react and not see the picture for what it is.

No one expected what was going to happen to Iowa, Wartburg, or even Dowling Catholic before the football season began.  Dowling Catholic won the Class 4A state title.  Wartburg won the Iowa Conference title, but were upset at home in the Division III playoffs.  Iowa’s struggling to stay healthy and keep fresh legs on the field.

As Kurtis Blow put it “these are the breaks.”  It’s not the end of the world.  It’s how you survive and hang in there when you hit those bumpy and unforeseen potholes.  Listen to the lyrics from his biggest hit song to understand it.


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