A Late Night Rivalry Renewed



The Late Night Rivalry renews tonight at Conan debuts on TBS.

Tonight, Conan O’Brien makes his return to late night television as he debuts his new show on TBS.  And this time, he will not be asked to move around to accommodate Jay Leno.

There’s not much to add to this story, because it was covered earlier this year when Conan left NBC after the Peacock brass decided to move Leno back to late night after his prime time show crashed and burned.

Let’s look back at how Conan got to this point today and a more detailed look at how NBC screwed the pooch, courtesy of great writer Bill Carter for Vanity Fair.

Since he’s on cable now, Conan can bring back some of his late-night schticks like Triumph, among a few edgy things that has endeared him to a nation of loyal followers.


Will Triumph the Insult Comic Dog make his return tonight?


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