The New World Order of the Big Ten Conference


The Big 10 Conference + Nebraska (Cedar Rapids Gazette)

On Wednesday, the Big 10 Conference announced the newly created divisions.  I don’t need to break it down for you, because the Big 10 took care of that themselves.

The talented Pete Jones of “Des Moines is Not Boring” was unhappy about the pairing of Iowa and Purdue in the “cross-rival” game.  In fact, everyone was unhappy about it.  As I put it, to quote Meat Loaf, “two out of three ain’t bad.” I would rather have Nebraska and Minnesota, lose Wisconsin for two years, and make Purdue a rival for the good of conference.  It’s business, eyeballs, and ratings.

The New World Order

Last year’s 11-5 Iowa win over Penn State didn’t move the ABC national ratings barometer.  Never have, never will.  Nebraska vs. Penn State in the past have moved the meter.  It’s a sexier match-up between two tradition-laden programs.

Yes, Pete, it’s not fair and shouldn’t matter, but the Big 10 needs as much national exposure to bolster it’s “brand.”  Just like we do when we have to promote our blogs, our skills, and our names.

Let’s look at the big picture:  Iowa is a big winner with this division set-up.  Michigan’s struggling and Nebraska will be getting their feet wet.   Minnesota and Michigan State are, well, Minnesota and Michigan State, and Northwestern will be a thorn in Iowa’s side.

Winner winner chicken alfredo dinner.

Be happy that Iowa will continue their rivalry with Minnesota.  That game has a lot of history and they play for Floyd of Rosedale.  Be happy that Iowa will finally get their wish and play Nebraska every year.  Expect to skip Thanksgiving dinner and start tailgating in Lincoln that night.  The Hawks and the Huskers will play the Friday after Turkey Day.

Don’t let a little hang-up like having the Boilermakers as a “cross-divisional” rival be a big issue.

Mmmm, turkey, football, Cornhuskers...

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