Have you received the “letter” yet?


No, not this letter. A letter from Iowa Workforce Development, telling you to show up or lose your benefits.

This morning, the “Get It Done” girl, Suzanne Hull, sunk her teeth into Iowa Works, or the agency to be formerly known as Iowa Workforce Development.  Recently, IWD has sent out letters to unemployed workers advising them to attend re-employment customized classes.  Failure to do so will result in losing your unemployment benefits.


Suzanne and the Unemployed in Des Moines group was able to get the ear, literally, of a representative from IWD last week and voiced their concerns and questions about their experiences with IWD and what they feel should be fixed.

There are some issues and problems that IWD needs to address, if they ever get around to addressing it.  If you have had past experiences with Iowa Workforce Development, what were they and how would you like to see changed with IWD?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TCMSM says:

    You are welcome, Suzanne! Somewhere, someone from IowaWorks has to be reading your blog tonight, worried about how to spin this for PR sake!

  2. Suzanne Hull says:

    Thanks for linking back to my post. Odd seeing my name as a tag – *flattered* 😛 Hope to hear some feedback from IowaWorks regarding this letter…

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