The best summer reading for 2010 is not from a book

What are you reading this summer?

Summers provides us a chance to pick up a book and do some reading on our vacation, weekends, and free time.  Of course, it’s tough to carve out time to read when we’re busy with other things that make summers fun.

What are you reading or going to read this summer?

Currently, I picked up a few books to read on this “time off” that I am on.  The first is “The Adversity Paradox” by former Principal Financial head Barry Griswell, “Find a Quiet Corner” by Nancy O’Hara, and the 2009 version of “What Color is Your Parachute” by Richard Nelson Bolles.  I’ve started reading Bolles this weekend and I should begin on Griswell and O’Hara later this week.

There is one thing that has caught my eye and I can’t tear myself away from.  No, it’s not a book, but a blog. This could be the best summer reading of 2010!

It’s the “Blago Blog” courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times, chronicling the trial of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.  If you want to read some entertaining stuff to keep you in stitches and to shake your head in disbelief, this is the blog to read this summer!

Blago posing for Vanity Fair magazine earlier this year. This guy is certifiably insane. He's more nuts than Sarah Palin.

Monday’s blog provided a bevy of laugh-out-loud accounts on just how loony Blagojevich really was as governor of Illinois.  He considered asking…wait for it…wait for it…Oprah to complete President Obama’s Senate term!  “But wait..”, as the late Billy Mays would say, “…there’s more!” He called Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. an “uber-African American” which provoked a giggle from a juror, and he wasn’t done yet.  He ripped his former chief of staff, calling her an “(expletive) incompetent.”

Finally, he mulls over a deal to name Attorney General Lisa Madigan to the Senate seat, if her father and nemesis Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan gives Blago something back in exchange for an expansive legislative package.  

I don’t think any best-selling book in Barnes and Noble or anything at the public library can rival the fun stuff I’ll be reading on-line from Blago’s trial!


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