The race to be on Oprah

Because of this well-documented scene, Tom Cruise will not get a show of his own on Oprah's new network.

Great friend Kate Phanmaha (@Kate919 on Twitter) is asking for your support.  So is Laura Sinnwell (@lsinnwell).  And Ryan Kolder (@RyanKolder) too.  All three are from Des Moines.  They’re well respected and popular.  So why are they out courting votes?

No, they’re not running for elected office.  They’re running to be on with Oprah!

These three are asking for your support and votes to be selected to host their own show on Oprah Winfrey’s new network.

Since the locals here love to read everything that’s “Des Moines-centric”, this is a good way to have everyone check out their auditions and vote for them!

Who knows, all three of them could end up on The Oprah Channel!

Vote early, vote often, as the late Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley famously said.


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