Do not pass go, do not collect unemployment extension

Extension of unemployment benefits....DENIED

Late last night, the U.S. Senate “failed” to pass a bill extending unemployment benefits to people who are out-of-work.  They approved it 57-41, but as the Iowa Independent put it, “in the strange logic of Congress, that is enough to prevent the motion from moving forward for now.  The cloture vote has failed, likely meaning the dissolution of the jobs bill and the separate passage of its most important provisions.”

A better way of saying it is that the Senate fell 3 votes short of passing it. And now, 1 million unemployed Americans are going to lose the short-term financial help they need to keep a roof over their heads and food on the plate as they struggle to find work.

This is a clear cut reason why promises are always made to be broken, especially when it comes to Congress.  Sen. John Kerry (D) of Massachusetts came out with an initial response, of course pointing a partisan finger at Republicans.  He’s better off asking the 12 members of his party who broke rank to go against the “tax extenders” provision in the bill.  If not for those 12 Senators, it would have been more than enough votes to pass it.

And yet, Congress passed a financial overhaul bill that would “straighten” out Wall Street.

Well, that’s just fine and dandy.  Fixing Wall Street is a bigger priority than individuals who are laid-off, being told don’t apply for jobs (unless you’re employed), and are starting to be looked at in disdain because they’re so many of us pounding the pavement, trying to get back in the game.

Wall Street > unemployeds.

Partisanship aside, today may not be the next “Great Depression”, but it’s starting to feel like “The Great Unemployment Depression” for people who lost their jobs during this downturn in the economy.

On lighter news (sort of), Des Moines was ranked as the 8th most recession-proof city in the United States, according to CNN Money.

Like that is going to put a smile on several thousands faces in this town.

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  1. Joe Burklund says:

    Go to this gov site to find your senator and let them know what you think. Personaly, I don’t like it! You can send an email, a fax, or even write a letter.

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