Live coverage of Nebraska BOR meeting

It's high noon in Lincoln.

I’m working on a few things, non-sports related, to post in a few days.

But if you think I’ve grown tired of the Big 12 breakup, you are so wrong. The Nebraska Board of Regents is meeting as we speak.

If you have nothing to do, or do not want to listen to the Cubs and White Sox start their weekend series at Wrigley, you can tune into KOZN-AM 1620 (ESPN) out of Omaha , as they are covering the developments in Lincoln.  Currently, the Board of Regents are now meeting in a closed session, with the formal announcement that the Huskers will leave the Big 12 and join the Big 10 expected before the end of business today (that’s 5pm to you and me).

I apologize for the histrionics of the show hosts.  They can’t wait to join the Big 10.

This hour’s conference break-up report is brought to you in part by the Cubs and White Sox rivalry, presented by BP.

BP, where oil and water don’t mix!

Big 10: Nebraska (done deal), Texas, Texas A&M (if you believe what KCTV-TV in K.C. says)

Pac 10: The Texas triple axis

MWC: Iowa State, K-State, Baylor

Independent: Kansas Basketball

Who just screwed themselves: Missouri, Notre Dame (goodbye lucrative TV contract and goodbye BCS money!)


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