We say we want civility, but we don’t want to practice it

I wasn’t sure what to call this blog when I created it, only that I wanted to show that civility in this world isn’t dead, and by making some attitude changes in how we act towards each other, the better we are in addressing issues.  Henceforth, the url address of TCMSM has “civility is not dead” in it.

Former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach

The Deseret News published an editorial on Sunday, cautiously exuding the call for civility after listening to a speech by former Iowa congressman Jim Leach.  Leach was regarded as one of the most respected members in Congress and someone who vehemently detests incivility.  Even in his last campaign in 2006, when he lost to Dave Loebsack, the both of them were commended by the Iowa City Press-Citizen for running a clean campaign and never resorting to negative mud-slinging, which is about as extinct as the Do-Do bird.

It doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to figure out how much we have deteriorated as a society when it comes to refusing to listen to a different opinion, resorting to shouting down someone who doesn’t agree with you, and doing childish stuff to gain an advantage (see Rob Tully).

I find it interesting and sad that we, the citizens, want civility, and yet we can’t get away from watching shows and behaviors that promote being uncivil.  We demand for elected officials to run clean campaigns, and yet we vote based on misinformation, fear, and dirty tactics.

Regardless how much I write about civility and encourage it, my generation isn’t going to care about how important it is to be fully “open-minded” in conversations.  That means listening to a different opinion that we’re not going to like.  As hard as it is, we have to listen to those opinions.

Reading the comments from the editorial shows why we have chosen not to be respectful and we think it’s okay to get away with it. Add the lukewarm endorsement by the Deseret News pretty much shows that civility is something that Americans don’t give a damn about and could care less to re-learn.

To quote Paul Selberg, the host of “Hot Mess Express”, who is featured in this week’s Juice“Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone.” It looks like Leach and I might be the only ones who believe in working toward the return of civility.

No wonder why I changed the title of my blog from “Civility is Not Dead” to “The (Convoluted) Mind of a Single Man.” No one wants to read about how bad our behavior is these days.


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