Moving around and lessons in business


Today, there are two articles I want to share that has to do with choices and lessons.

Joe Light from the Wall Street Journal writes about that as the economy is slowing getting off the ground, many workers who did not lose their jobs due to the economy are making the choice right now to quit and pursue new interests.  This has now created a backlog of workers waiting for better times to make a move to better jobs.

Midwestern social media guru Albert Maruggi (@AlbertMaruggi on Twitter) passes along this article from the Harvard Business Review by Adi Ingatius about the passing of his brother-in-law, John Tarbell.  Before his death, Tarbell spent as much time as he could to teach his only child the life lessons that he wanted to pass on to her.  With the blessing of Tarbell’s wife, Ignatius lists the 8 career lessons that Tarbell learned for himself.

A few of these lessons we have learned in the past, and there are a few that we never had the chance to learn.  For me, lesson #1 was “seeking a mentor.”  It’s a lot harder than it’s expected to find a mentor who is accessible, willing to take time out to talk and teach you valuable things, and for you to follow as an example.  I became convinced that I am my own mentor because it’s hard to get a Barry Griswell, Suku Radia, David Hurd, or a Teresa Wahlert to be a mentor.  Everyone is in line, clamoring for these VIP’s to mentor them.

Is it important to find a mentor or should you learn from your own life as a textbook on how to be a mentor to yourself?


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