Letter to Cityview June 19, 2006 #NBPRD

I’m continuing the National Blog Post Recycling Day (#NBPRD) celebration with this 2nd recycled post.

Background:  When Juice debuted in 2005, Cityview Magazine spend a better part of the first year slamming and ridiculing Juice for being nothing more than a fluff publication, filled with drunken young professionals at bars being pictured, and bloggers who write about their crazy lives, going out to the bars, yada yada yada.  Generally speaking, Cityview threw a blanket over all of the bloggers, including those who wrote about topics that didn’t delved into debauchery on Court Avenue.

As a way to “get back” at Cityview and clear my good name, I wrote the following below.

Cityview, where everyone in Des Moines is a target.

Courtesy of Cityview Magazine, July 19, 2006:

We named The Des Moines Register a “loser” last week for sending its reporters to blog live from concerts. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention The Register’s pubescent progeny, Juice – particularly, its staffers’ stunning ability to continually churn out blogs about absolutely nothing.

To the staff at Cityview:  thank you very much for “reading” my blog (though I doubt you ever do). I hate to tell you this, but not everything comes from a 9-year old’s diary. The last blog I wrote, which was on Monday, wasn’t ripped out of a kid’s coloring book. It was a personal perspective about the slayings of two police officers in 1981 and the impact it is had to a city and its citizens 25 years later.

The little girl who writes in her diary didn’t write about the suicide of Dr. Stephen Gleason, the comical follies that is Nan Stillians and the Des Moines School District, and a perspective about whether its cool or not to be a single person in the middle of a cornfield. Alright, I admit that the single person’s point-of-view wasn’t stellar reading.

Nan Stillians, left, local neighborhood critic

I know you are offering constructive criticism (if that is the word you use over there) about blogs here on Juice. Please allow me to explain myself: I don’t need a rival publisher to tell me how bad of a writer I am. I know how bad I am. I don’t have a journalism degree, nor did I attend the Writer’s Workshop at the State University of Iowa. The one positive thing I have learned from blogging is the appreciation for those who are journalists, and those who write or blog for a living.

It’s imperative to get the facts right, check your sources, and write a story that informs your readers as well as gauge their opinions. I thought I was doing that, until you informed me that my work is garbage. That is constructive criticism and I appreciate your magazine for calling it like it is. I think it’s fair that I offer the same to you.

I do this for fun and to gauge the interest of what readers want to read or talk about. You do a very good job of that at Cityview. I don’t do your job nor will I insult your intelligence on how to be a writer. My attempt is to write about things that are relevant to us as individuals. To you, I do a half-assed job of it. I take it as terms of endearment.

Marc Hansen of the Des Moines Register

I don’t aspire to be another Marc Hansen, Donald Kaul, Maury White, or Ron Maly. They would rip my work into so many pieces, Humpty Dumpty would feel sorry for me, and then laugh hysterically.

It’s fine to paint a broad stroke, but if you don’t read between the lines, there is someone who is trying to do what you expect them to do: write and open the lines of discussion on issues. If I’m not doing that, then please take it up with the publishers of the Des Moines Register. I don’t have a “right” to blog, it’s a privilege.

Childish writing is for kids. I’m an adult. I have to write like one.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TCMSM says:

    Thanks limewire. The post-script of this story was that someone commented it to Cityview, telling them they needed to read it.

    The following week, Cityview wrote about my post, and had to clarify what they wrote, claiming that they were “attacking” the staff writers who blog, and not the community (non-staff) bloggers Juice has on their on-line site. They admired and appreciated that I wrote thoughtful and informative posts.

    To this very day, Cityview still can’t help themselves but to take subtle jabs at Juice and the Des Moines Register, while their luster has worn off as well.

  2. limewire says:

    lol cool story bro.

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