A thought on the health care bill

Personally, I don’t care if the health care legislation that Congress could vote on Sunday passes or fail.  My interest has waned considerably about this, because of the misinformation that has clouded this bill.  Many feel it’s the elected officials who have taken liberties of skewing what the bill should look like.  To me, it’s us, as citizens, who have taken as much liberties to put our own spin and agenda to it as well.

How many of us have read the entire bill that is to be voted on?  I’ve tried, but let’s be honest, the problem is that this bill is trying to cover everything and it’s still going to leave something out.  That’s reality.

If it does pass and gets signed, put it in use, see if it works.  If some parts of it is ineffective, go back to the table, straighten it out or dump it.

If it falls short in Congress, the issue is dead for the rest of the year.  Obama will have to regroup and roll out another version next year.

This bill isn’t going to help me today or anytime this year, if it passes.  I’m unemployed right now, and a diabetic.  I need to take care of myself now. I have no patience to wait on Congress to vote on a bill to help me, or anyone else.

Finding out about Eli Lilly’s patient assistance program = six months of insulin at no cost.

Rather than sit and wait on a bill to be passed, I made the initiative myself to search on-line for programs to receive free meds from reputable pharmas through my doctor.  Yes, you can apply to get free meds.  I applied for assistance through Lilly to get insulin at a reduced cost.  I ended up with a 6 months supply of insulin, at no cost.  It was a godsend.

It’s ridiculous on how many Americans who need medicine and do not have insurance are unaware of these types of programs that is available, if their doctors won’t tell them or they don’t ask the doctors themselves.

I email my doctor weekly on my progress and we talk on the phone if I have a question.  Yeah, I’m saving $$$ by not going to see her, but she cares enough to help me during this period until I get back on my feet.  It’s on me to stay vigilant and healthy. I am my own health care plan right now.

I have to think outside of the box and find alternate ways to get by.  I understand if most people do not have that luxury.  But for those who have a phone or a computer, pick it up and tell your doctor that you can’t afford to come in and ask for help.  If they are not interested, maybe it’s time to find a doctor who does.

Will a government-supported system help everyone?  We hope, but reality is that not everyone will be covered and it’s hard to enforce it when there are still roadblocks to disseminate.  Most of us understand that last sentence.  It’s those who refuses to accept that sentence are the ones who will be deeply disappointed if they get left out or partially covered.

This isn’t about the tea parties, Stupak’s amendment, the blanket statements on the GOP, or death panels anymore as far as I’m concerned.  The bill is now in Congress’ hands.  If it falls short, it’s disappointing, but I’m not waiting for another bill or a promise.  I don’t have time to wait for a bill.

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