Tournament Frenzy


I have gone to the state tournament almost every year since 1990 and the most important thing I purchase isn’t the Dippin’ Dots, or the nachos.  It’s the Stat Book (or commonly referred to as the Dope Book).  The Stat Book has all of the historical information about who has been to the state tournament, who scored the most points, and other interesting facts about the teams playing at the state tournament.

For the record, I’m a Class 4-A kid.  I enjoy watching all of the other classes, but I grew up in Waterloo and 4-A is my niche.  Today, I’m heading to Wells Fargo to watch the 4-A semifinals.  I don’t have a rooting interest since East Waterloo didn’t make it this year, but I’m intrigued to see if Ames can win back-to-back titles.  Who was the last team, in any class, to win back-to-back state titles?? If you know the answer, post it in the comment section!

"The New Barn" aka Wells Fargo Arena

Since it’s Friday, let’s have some fun!  Time for a quiz!! Let’s see how much you know about the state tournament or, if you’re brazen, you can google it up!  Put your guesses on the comment section and see if you are the “ultimate basketball guru!”

Q:  Who has won the most state titles overall?

Q:  Which Des Moines team (including WDM, Johnston, etc.) has the most state titles?

Q:  Three coaches has taken their team to the state tournament 16 times (the most)  Name one of them.

Q:  Ames is making their 18th trip to state. What team has been to state the most?

Q:  Two schools won the girls state title last weekend, and their boys team are in line to do the same.  Who are the schools?

Good luck!  Post your answers in the comment section!

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  1. TCMSM says:

    Oh, and North came close. They lost to Ames in the semis in 1991.

  2. TCMSM says:

    You got two of them right, buddy. Here’s another hint: McGraw had 13 appearances as a coach. He’s far down the totem pole. You’re close with M-town, but this school surpassed them last season.

  3. back-to-back-
    Last one I can think of is Iowa Falls in late 90s

    1-just read this in my Iowa Trivia book- Davenport Central

    2-Was going to guess North and then saw your clue. GUessing Roosevelt.

    3- Guessing your boy McGraw and probably Palmer/Pomeroy-Palmer coach

    4- Your clue threw me off. Was going to guess Marshalltown or Boyden-Hull

    5- LinnMar and Heelan

  4. TCMSM says:

    A hint for question #4: this team is in the eastern part of the state, and their mascot can fly.

    Hint for #2: Valley, SEP, and North has never won a state title. This should help whittle down the list.

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