Food Fight

It’s been three days since the brouhaha erupted at Legends on Court Avenue between several teachers and a manager.  The teachers have went viral, through Facebook, Twitter, and email about the mistreatment and the service there.  Legends gave their side of the story.

All of this over a strand of hair, and a couple of folks over-reacting and losing their tempers.


Or maybe not?

Now that the teachers have gotten their message across, it’s time for both sides to stop squabbling and complaining, and do what adults should do:  talk it over behind closed doors.  There are some things that Legends can do to improve their status:

-check and double check the food before serving

-add a few more waitstaff, if they can afford it

-sit the shift manager in question down and not only get him to check himself, but also work with the staff to see what they can do to improve how they deal with the customers.

Old Central High School in Sioux City aka "The Castle on the Hill."

On the flip side, customers, regardless of profession, be it a wrestling parent in town this week or a doctor, have some things to do as well:

-don’t a make a scene if there’s something wrong with your food (I’m sure the teachers didn’t cause a stir, but nevertheless, drama queens need not apply)

-if you can’t get something rectified with the server, or through the manager, send a letter, an email, or call the owner of said place.  Yes, the teachers wanted everyone to know about what happened to them.  But, being a few days removed from it, ask yourself “was it really worth to broadcast this?”  Get a hold of the owner or the next step up on the management chain.

If you ask me personally who do I side with, my answer is neither.  Both Legends and the teachers were in the wrong because of their reaction and how they handled it.

They can make it up by acting like adults, sitting down and resolving this, so that an incident as overblown as this doesn’t take place again.

Especially the next time teachers have in-service and head someplace for lunch.


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