Classroom Misconduct

On Friday morning, the Waterloo Courier reported on their website that a teacher at West Waterloo High was placed on administrative leave for inappropriate behavior with a student.  Several days earlier, an assistant principal at Stephen Hempstead High in Dubuque was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee, distribution of a controlled substance to a minor and providing alcohol to someone younger than 21.

If that wasn’t enough, two East Waterloo coaches resigned after being arrested for possession of a controlled substance (marijuana).

This is troubling, and sadly there is no end in sight.  For as much as we rip elected officials for bad behavior, the last place anyone would imagine it to take place is in the classroom.  Or, maybe the topic of teachers “going wild” isn’t being talked about as much as it should.

Looking it at in an objectionable viewpoint, and there’s no doubt that they should not have put themselves in that spot.  For that matter, any teacher.

What do teachers think of this troubling trend of fellow educators crossing the line, when they are teaching students not to do the things that they are being arrested for?  Should there be a program instituted to teach new students (similar to the NFL rookies seminar) on how to conduct themselves and refrain from putting themselves in compromising situations?

Educators, for the most part, work extremely hard to teach students about making the right decisions and not make wrong ones.  They also know that they are under a microscope for every action and decision they make.

What they are deeply concerned about is what is causing their fellow colleagues to make choices that could cause them their jobs and their reputation?