Crash and Burn

Nate, this isn't helping your rep...

It does feel like a Monday Morning Quarterback type of day.  Who am I kidding?  Today is Monday.  I have a few thoughts to jot down, because I brainstorming for a few topics to post this week.

-Nate Kaeding, I love you because your are a Hawkeye and you’re our boy, but I seriously suggest that you get a kicking coach, or better yet a shrink.  You are becoming into a choke.  There’s no way I can defend you.  Three misses on Sunday?  Add the other three colossal FG game-winning misses over the last 5 playoff games?

Scott Norwood thinks you need help.  It was agonizing to watch your eyes as you trotted out on the field yesterday.  You looked scared as hell.

At least I have sympathy for you.  Norv Turner isn’t getting any love from me, nor is San Diego’s general manager A.J. Smith.  Norv is a choking-dog savant as a head coach.  Great offensive coordinator and one of the best quarterback coaches in the NFL, but a horrible head coach.

-The Cowboys provided Tony Romo no protection from Chad Greenway and Jared Allen, as Brett Favre, with his “ready-made” Vikings, are one game away to the Super Bowl.  And before anyone piles on Keith Brooking about the Vikings tacking on that late TD, read the entire text, courtesy of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.  He was complaining about Minnesota running up the score, but understood that the ‘Boys defense still had to stop them.

“I don’t really want to get into that,” Brooking said at first. “I mean, I will say it was classless. It was disrespectful to do that.”

Brooking acknowledged that it is the job of the defense to prevent scores. But still …

“We’re paid professionals,” Brooking said. “We get paid to stop them. But I just think it was totally disrespectful what he did in the end. I don’t think that’s what the NFL is all about.”

It’s amazing when you take the time to find the entire statement and read the rest of the story.

From doghouse to penthouse, Shonn Greene is putting the hay in the barn with his play in 2008 with Iowa and this season with the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

Shonn Greene, you are a stud.   It’s good to see the NY media giving Greene well-deserved accolades for his contributions for Gang Green this year.  I still think Mike Lupica has a hard time trying to say “Iowa” when speaking glowingly of the rookie from Iowa.

If Kurt Warner does decide to hang it up and walk away from the NFL, there should be no question or doubts (Marty Tirrell) that Warner is a future Hall of Fame.  Three Super Bowl appearances and a class act makes those long nights working the third shift at the College Square Hy-Vee look so distant, and yet become the start of a dream that no one envisioned.

-The Big 4 schools scored big wins over the weekend, leading off with UNI’s dismantling of Indiana State to set a new school winning streak, at 15 games.  The Hawkeyes picked up a much needed win over Penn State.  Hey, guess what?  They’re not the cellar dwellers in the Big Ten now!  ISU should pack up the campus and move to Lincoln, Nebraska if they keep winning “character-building” wins versus Nebraska.  Football, volleyball, and now basketball?

Drake University doesn’t get a lot of talk, but what ever is working with the men’s hoop team, I wouldn’t change a thing.  After Sunday night’s win over Illinois State, they have notched some key wins in MVC play over Missouri State and at Southern Illinois.

As Sammy would say, "Keep it continue" Bulldogs!