Why Hurry to Hire a Coach?

As I write this and as you are finishing up eating lunch and reading this, Brian Kelly was formally introduced at the new head coach of Notre Dame. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Bearcats faithful are upset that he would dump them at the doorstep and not lead them to the Sugar Bowl against Florida.

Two things come to mind:

1. How can Cincy fans be “upset and surprised” that Kelly’s leaving for Notre Dame? They knew he was the #1 guy that the Fighting Irish wanted to get and he’s a hot commodity. To say that you were “surprised” is basically saying that they didn’t want him leaving before the biggest bowl game in that school’s history.

2. Is it me or do university and colleges hate to wait on hiring a coach after the playoff/bowl season ends? Is the importance of canvassing potential recruits right away that necessary to pilfer a coach before his team’s season ends? Is it a good thing for schools who are looking for a new coach wait until the bowl season ends before hiring them away?

What is your position on this?