Where to start…

There is no other good way to start this blog.  The difficulty for those who aspire to do blogs is that we want to have the perfect title, the perfect line, and the perfect blog.

Blogs, as in life, doesn’t go as planned when you start out.

That is what happened to me in 2006.  I didn’t expect to end up doing blogging, but nevertheless, that is the case.  Well, let me backup and explain…

The daily newspaper (“daily” for short) created a weekly tabloid which features entertainment and lifestyle stories targeted at the 25- to 34-year-old demographic. They also launched a website  in conjunction to the free weekly publication.  The staffers of the tabloid would blog their stories and insight, and as an added feature, call on aspiring freelance writers to blog about anything (topics, opinions, passions, etc.).

I knew I wanted to write, but hesitant to do it because I’m a perfectionist and feared that no one would “get” what I was writing about.  The view of the world and things according to me is not in black and white.  You have to think for yourself and come up with your own conclusions.  Sadly, that has deteriorated into, well, mush.

I decided to take the risk and submit a few write-ups.  A week later, I was asked to write for a full week, along with 5 other guests.  The person who received the most votes at the end of the contest, would blog for the tabloid’s online site for as long as they wanted to.  I wrote my five daily blogs and let things go from there.  As you see, I’m a wordy blogger, but I had nothing to lose.

Today, I’m the only one of the initial group, the longest freelance blogger on the site.  I take pride in that I have endured, when I felt like stopping, or when I had writer’s block.  Coming up with topics over the past three years should be easy.  The hard part is how to craft a blog, add information, put words into salient points, and present it in a way that is understandable and appropriate.

Since January 2009, I have started to ponder whether my blogs are reaching out to those who seek such good independent insight and clarity.  The pervasive problem is that we say we’re open-minded, when in fact we have become more closed-minded to listening to different opinions, being civil, and showing common decency.  From Kayne West to MTV programs, from Jerry Springer to Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly, we have deteriorated into a cavalcade of bad behavior, douchebaggery, and disrespect.

If you are expecting me to preach about how we need to “go back to the good ol’ days”, you’re reading the wrong blog.  I feel we can return to civility and use it in the 21st Century.  To me, we’ve gotten so boorish, ignorant, and flat out unrepentant when it comes to how we behave and act.

Of course, this blog won’t just spend all of the time on finding people behaving badly, saying outlandish things, and looking for ways to end it.  I’m a sports geek, a person with diabetes, and enjoy finding and reading things that are interesting and writing about it.

Like I said, I’m a wordy guy.  I promise not to bore you.

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